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EL QUIJOTE ENTRE TODOS. Editorial AACHE. Guadalajara-Toledo. 1996.  With a prologue by José Bono, President of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha. 1999
"El Quijote entre todos", is an edition made up of two books, the first of which includes the 
52 chapters of the first and most well-known part of the Cervantes work, but commented each
and every one by so many writers and "famous »Castilian-La Mancha. Added to each chapter is an
original illustration, made ex-professo for this work by other 52 artists of our region.
The names? Andrés Berlanga, Alfredo Villaverde, José Antonio Suárez de Puga, María Antonia 
Velasco, Francisco García Marquina, Antonio Herrera, Lorenzo Díaz, José Luis Pecker and
Pedro Aguilar, and artists of the prestige of Antonio Mingote, José Luis Cabañas, Sopetrán
Domènech (with two ink drawings),
Oscar Pinar, Víctor de la Vega, César Gil Senovilla, 
Antonio Burgos, Amador Alvarez Calzón,
Raúl Santos, Rafael Pedrós, Luis Gamo or the 
photographer Santiago Bernal, plus a long list of the first figures of current art in
Castilla-La Mancha.

El Quijote entre todos



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