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Sopetrán Domènech

María de Sopetrán Consuelo Domènech Llorente. (Torre del Burgo, 1957)

Painter, draftsman, illustrative, designer in continuous evolution, is the oil the principal matter of his creations and the paintbrush his favorite tool, though the aerografía dominates many other materials and technologies, as the drawing, the inks, the acrylic ones and the airbrush ...

Although born in Torre del Burgo (Guadalajara) he lives all his childhood and youth time in the town of Brihuega (Guadalajara) where he completes his studies and begins his artistic career.

The first Savings Bank of Zaragoza, Aragon and Rioja, in Guadalajara, is held for the first time in the exhibition hall, after which, thanks to the success of criticism and sales, the Provincial Palace of the Diputación de Guadalajara, A long and uninterrupted chain that goes far beyond the hundred.

In 1981, his work was published in Roanne (France), and in 1982 he began a long series of exhibitions in San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Daly City, Saratoga , Menlo Park, Santa Cruz, Washington, New York, Los Angeles and Hollywood, with four exhibitions in 1993; His work appears in channels 7 and 11 of the TV and in several Californian newspapers obtaining diverse recognitions. This activity for American lands continues with its presence in the Summer (1995 and 1996) and Winter (1996/97) salons of New York (Goya Art Gallery), the appointment as Honorary Member of the "Florida Museum" of Miami, which has his work permanently, and videoexpositions of  2015 and 2016 in Los Angeles, Washington and NY.

In 1990, in open competition, was selected with two works of great format in the "I Sample of M. Art. Of Castilla-La Mancha". This fact is repeated in 1992 in the "II Sample", in which it is also represented with two oils of large format. In this year he is doubly selected in the National Contest "Villa de Almonacid de Zorita" and in the "XI Jaén Painting Prize" in which his painting "Megalopolis" obtains Honorable Mention. He is also a finalist in the "Salón de Otoño" editions of 1996, 1997 and 1998 (Madrid. Sala Casa de Vacas del Retiro) which is convened by the National Association of Painters and Sculptors, of which he is a member.

His painting, of universal theme, began to be realistic: landscapes, still lifes, portraits, ..., this period in which he was strengthening his technique. Once this was achieved, it was transformed, dyed nostalgias, and old dolls, children, harlequins, ..., introduces effects, as paper backgrounds that break, double frames invaded by the motif of the work in order to give you more realism, etc ...

Subsequently has evolved towards a magical-symbolic realism, according to some critics, for others his work has surrealist connotations. In one of the references to his painting, the critic D. F. Vicent Galdón says: "It emanates its stylistic from a net and personal interpretation and interrelation of the surreal and the symbolic where the subconscious and dreamlike, the fantastic and the psychic, the rational and the magical are exalted (...), fetishist in images, geometric in modulations, allegorical, communicative and gestural in figures ".

Predominant in her works current issues such as the world of childhood, the figure of women and their complex problem, including their participation in several "Women's Fairs" in Chamartín (1992, 93, 94 and 95) and in the Pavilion of the PIPA in the House of Field of Madrid (1996); Other themes are heritage and art, we must not forget that she is the mother of three children musicians, nature, environment and ecological movements, rural and urban. Themes such as interculturality, so in vogue today, already treated in 1987 in his work "Megalopolis"

In his works he has honored the most diverse characters that for some reason or other have crossed his life as the beggar Mané; Cervantes or Andersen in literature; Musorgsky and Saint-Saëns in the world of music; El Bosco, Miguel Angel, El Greco or Salvador Dalí in the painting, ...

In his technique he uses the oil with brush on canvas as main technique, alone or in mixed works to which it incorporates natural elements, M.M.D. lacquers, gütter, golden dust, etc. Occasionally use the airbrush and other tools on various supports, such as cloth, wood, stone, glass or wall. Fatty have disappeared, not long ago, some of his creations made on this last support.

She also uses the carbon pencil on paper (remember the publication "In Feminine ..." and nine more folders, so far, the series "Heritage"). More restricted is the use of gouache, waxes, inks, etc ... Since 1993, in some creations, he conceives the work as something more complex. The expression of some of his artistic ideas has led him to the need to use several works, independent in themselves, in order to, together, compose a new and more complex. Thus, since that year, several of his works are multi-frames (diptychs, triptychs or polyptychs that even include up to thirty-three works to form another)

Several writers who knew his painting were interested by her and from there were born most of his illustrations that suppose an important aspect of his work. Even postmarks, t-shirts, cristmas, postcards, business cards, handkerchiefs, fans or tiles, designs materialized in alabaster or iron forging are part of a long list of works .

Among the books we can highlight an anthological volume of Carmen Conde, who was a member of the Royal Academy of Language, entitled "Memoria put in oblivion" (Editorial Torremozas, Madrid), "With the soul on his back" and "El ocaso del poeta ", Both from Argentina's Beatriz Lagos," Contemporary Love "(Avena Loca.) Soledad Santamaría," Tranquil Steps "(Edit Endymion, Madrid) and" Requiem for Freedom "(Edit Alianza Hispánica. Angeles García-Madrid and his participation in "El Quijote entre todos" (Edit Aache)

Among the magazines: "Alaluz" published by the University of California. (Riverside USA) "Equality, development and peace" edited by CEDER de Huete (Cuenca), ... About drawings by Sopetrán Domènech, the General Post Office has developed various postmarks with themes such as Romanesque art, bustards or the tales.

She has collaborated with various institutions and associations in the development of posters, catalogs, drawings, charity expositions, etc., such as the Bill Willson Center (California), Children's Villages, Association Against Cancer, Future, various town halls, ...

The work of Sopetrán Domènech has been highlighted with various prizes and recognitions as the First Prize of Caja de A. de Zaragoza A.y Rioja (1969); Silver insignia and Melero Alcarreño of Casa de Guadalajara in Madrid (1992); Diploma of Fondation Internacionale de Literature Prix Antonio Machado. Cotlliure, France (1996); Diploma in the II Summer Salon New York City-USA- Goya Art Gallery (1.996): Honorary Member of The Florida Museum H.and L. American Art of Miami.Florida. -EE. U.S.- (1996); Diploma in the II Winter Hall New York City -EE. Goya Art Gallery (1997); Diploma of Honor of the Institution of Culture "Marqués de Santillana" GUADALAJARA -España- (1.998); LIBERTY Award. Nuova Artistic Chain. FLORENCIA -Italia- (2,012): Diploma of Honor of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors AEPE. Madrid. (2.014 and 2.024); Trophy "ARTE IMPERO" Palermo -Italy- (2,016)

She has been named as a jury of several competitions such as the "First Prize of Painting City of Guadalajara", Prize of Painting in Brihuega (Guadalajara), in several calls, Children's Trafficking Contest, Painting Prize of Hita (Guadalajara).

He has been member of the A. "La Vaccarela" of Rome. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the "Fundación Siglo Futuro" and also it belongs to the "Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores". She has also participated as a teacher in various educational projects and cultural weeks.


Individual exhibition os his latest works at the San José Cultural Center. Diputación Provincial. GUADALAJARA.


  • "EFFETO ARTE" Newspaper trimestrale d'arte and culture diretto gives Paolo Levi Anno 6 N º 4 Ottobre/Dicembre 2016. Palermo (Italy) Paginates 240. Photography: " The quarter of the games ", oil his fabric, cm 195 x 130                                                                                                                                      Sopetrán Domènech works transport the observer into a fairytale world, where the represented subjects take on features and features that recall the dolls and the games of a happy childhood. With dense colors and a soft mark, the painter shapes the characters who inhabit the work in their rooms that become metaphysical places, while the background remains indeterminate, shaded by tone-on-tone shades. The artist carefully takes care of the details, pauses with the precision of a miniaturist on the embroidery of the clothes that define the contours of the fabrics. These works are able to bring to mind happy moments of the childish age, dyeing them with joyful colors, able to arouse a nostalgic smile in the observer, an accomplice with the artist in the sharing of an inheritance that belongs to an imaginary family member collective.
  • "EL ARTE EN SU MÁXIMA EXPRESIÓN" Ediciones Ecuador 21, Sant Joan les Fonts (Girona) 2012 Legal Depth: B-4159-2012.  When we visualize the works of an expert in Figurative Art and pigmentation, turned into a skilled and skilled executive educator, an example of skill, we can not do anything but express admiration, the degree of sincerity and good work we find in her beautiful painting , which goes beyond the simple purity, since Sopetrán surrenders to an activity with total authority and surprising representative and allegorical reality.In its works, it reaches an enormous property, common in the great Masters of Painting, who base their works in the purest and most transparent truth, what can represent, before our eyes, as an approach to hyperrealism, (...) To this Artificer, for his talent and intelligence, he can not resist any pictorial technique, no matter how complicated it may be, such as the portrait, which adds to the finality and supreme fidelity with which the painter makes these canvases. In the Art of Composition, Sopetrán accumulates another of his treatises, as a sign where the order of great layout and the implication of the measure of noble and simple beauty, is fixed in different planes that stand out for detail and perspective, but that they dazzle for the dominion that the Author has on the human figure and her professionalism of success in the chromatic application. On the other hand Domènech, has a great imagination that, more than prolific, attracts him, to continue creating beautiful compositions with great quality, for the incorporation to the scenes, different objectives between the planes, arriving with this way of working, to to create works of exceptional visual and technical appeal, because in these artistic-pictorial combinations, which are very well defined, drawing, color and perspectives, they add high-grade values, thanks to the associative and informative experience, since the domain they hold is in the contrast between analogous but well-defined situations and the perfection in the drawing, which is titled by a fine brush that speaks of poetry, makes each canvas become a Work of Art, appreciated by the viewer and studied in depth by the understood. Sopetrán also makes an alliance with abstraction, without inhibiting himself or seeking prominence, since his modesty and personality make him flee from praises, but these can not be ignored, as is demonstrated in that avant-garde art, where the tree of life, look for its origins.
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  • "Artistas del Mil.lenium" European Art Yearbook. 2005. Second volume. Edit. Josep Oliveras. (Girona) Sopetrán Domènech Llorente. Her always cool painting is a symbiosis  of oneiric intuition and expert wisdom, an insatiable search, a constant evolution, that is the result of her unlimited inspiration. In her long "curriculum" the exhibitions, in which she usually receives lots of prizes and awards and which conut for hundreds, are halfway between America and Europe. In her surprising suarrealist cosmography we fins the presence from el Bosco to Dalí, from de medieval cathedrals to the futurist arquitecture of the modern megalopolis, all this with an impeccable mastery of drawing, applied to the world of illustration, important field in her artistic work; she has collaborated  in books, successive editions of el Quijote among others, magazines and newspapers as well as posters for differents associations and public organizations. Sopetrán Domènech gives her message, sometimes descriptive, sometimes violent..., calm or heart-rending, critical, oneiric, realistic, sane or insane..., with a language full of lyricism, poetry and melodic musicality, without shrill. Her work contain the bitterness but are drawn with the sweetest means. She can ralentless in her critics but she will always try not to hurt the spectator, respecting his alleged innocence.                                                                                                                                                   G.D.P. 
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  • "Homenaje a la mujer artista" Ediciones Ecuador 21, S. L. Sant Joan les Fonts (Girona) 2009 Dep. Legal B-15759-09. Sopetrán Domènech. .../... Predominan en sus obras  temas de actualidad, el mundo de la infancia, la mujer,... destacando su participación en varias  "Ferias de la Mujer" en Chamartín (1.992, 93, 94 y 95) y en el Pabellón de la PIPA, en la Casa de Campo de Madrid (1.996), el patrimonio cultural, la naturaleza, la interculturalidad (en su obra "Megalópolis") y otros muchos temas. En su técnica emplea el óleo a pincel sobre lienzo, técnicas mixtas con elementos naturales, lacas M.M.D., gütter, polvo dorado, etc. Ocasionalmente utiliza el aerógrafo y otras herramientas sobre soportes varios, como tela, madera, piedra, cristal o muro. A partir de 1.996 realiza una larga serie de "polípticos". También utiliza el lápiz carbón sobre papel. Más restringido es el epleo de gouache, ceras, tintas,.../...   Etc, Etc... (Pág, 124 y 125)
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Distinctions and Outstanding Work

  • 1969 First Drawing Prize  "C. A. Zaragoza Aragón y Rioja".
  • 1997 Selected in "LXIV Salón de Otoño" Asociación Nacional de Pintores y Escultores 
  • 1997 Diploma awarded by "Fondation Internacionale de Literature Prix A. Machado" Collioure. (Francia)
  • 1997 Honorary Member of the "Florida Museum H. and L. American Art" Miami U.S.A.
  • 1996 Selected in "LXIII Salón de Otoño" Asoc. Nal. de Pintores y Escultores Casa de Vacas del Retiro (Madrid)
  • 1996 Selected in "V Premio López Villaseñor" (Ciudad Real)
  • 1996 Mention of honor in the "Salón de Verano Ciudad de New York" U.S.A. (Goya Art Gallery)
  • 1995 "Diploma of friendship" given by Correo del Arte.
  • 1995 Selected in "Exposición Itinerante Crear en España" Madrid-Santo Domingo-Dominican Republic. Correo del Arte.
  • 1995 Selected in "Expo-Carnaval" Asociación Nacional de Pintores y Escultores. Madrid.
  • 1994 Selected in "Muestra de Artistas Alcarreños" IBERCAJA
  • 1994 Selected in "I Premio A. Internacional M. en las Artes" with the painting "Nacimiento de una Sirena"
  • 1992 He takes part as a jury in  "Concurso Fiesta Gastronómica"  Jadraque (Guadalajara)
  • Selected in "National Competition of Mora" (Toledo) with the paintings "Aquarius" and "Hijos de Adán"
  • 1992 Double selected in "II Muestra de M.Artistas de Castilla-La Mancha" with the paintings "Mágica vida, fantástico sueño" and "La Catedral de la Música"
  • 1992 Double selected in "XVII Certamen Nal Villa de Almonacid de Zorita" with the paintings
     "Megalópolis" and "Aquarius"
  • 1992 "Insignia "Melero de Plata" and Diploma of the "C. de G. en Madrid".
  • 1992 Mention of honor in the "XI Premio Jaén de Pintura" with paint  "Megalópolis" and selected, in addition, with the painting  "Aquarius"
  • 1990 Double selected in  "I Muestra de M. Artistas de Castilla-La Mancha" with the works "Hijos de Adán" and "Megalópolis"
  • 1989 "Name of the week" In the press (1989/11/3)
  • 1988 "Name of the week" In the press (1988/4/1)
  • 1988 Selected in "13 Th Festival Annual Art Show Tapestry in Talent" ( California U.S.A.)
  • 1987 He is part of the jury in  "Painting Competition FP de Azuqueca de Henares".
  • 1986 He is part of the jury in  Drawing Competition " Educación Vial" Dirección General de Tráfico
  • 1985 "Name of the week" In the press (1985/9/13)
  • 1985 "Name of the week" In the press (1985/4/26)
  • 1985 Selected in XIII Certamen Nal C. Guadalajara con la obra "Rosas negras para un sueño"
  • 1984 "Name of the week" In the press (1984/5/11)
  • 1984 "Name of the week" In the press (1984/3/30)
  • 1984 Selected in "X Certamen Nal Villa de Almonacid de Zorita"
  • 1983 "Nombre de la semana"In the press (1983/8/19)
  • 1983 Selected in "V Muestra de Artistas Alcarreños"
  • 1983 "Name of the week" In the press  (1983/7/1)
  • 1983  Selected in "XI Certamen Nal Caja de Guadalajara" with the work "Tiempo"
  • 1982 Selected in  "IV Muestra de Artistas Alcarreños"
  • 1981 Selected in "VII Certamen Nal Villa de Almonacid de Zorita"
  • 1981 Selected in  "III Muestra deArtistas Alcarreños"
  • 1979 Selected in  "I Muestra de Artistas Alcarreños"
  • 1997 Mention of honor in the "Salón de Invierno Ciudad de New York" U.S.A. (Goya Art Gallery)
  • 1997 Selected in "Muestra de Pintura de Castilla-La Mancha-1997" Palacio Duques de Infantado (Guadalajara)
  • 1997 Insignia of the "Orden del Sacromonte" (Granada)
  • 1998 He takes part as a jury in "I Premio de Pintura Ciudad de Guadalajara" convened by the City Council
  • 1999 Selected in "XI Certamen de Minicuadros 1999" Asociación Nacional de Pintores y Escultores. Madrid
  • 2006 The City Council of Brihuega is named as a proclaimer of the Christmas Festivities (2006/2007)
  • 2007 He is part of the jury of the painting awards "Jardín de la Alcarria" 2007 in Brihuega (Guadalajara)
  • "Premio Honorífico" en el "XV Concurso de Pintura" Camprodón (Girona)
  • 2011 Diploma to your artístico quality "VIII Salón Internacional de artes plásticas". S. Joan les Fonts (Girona)
  • Premio de Pintura 2012. "NUEVA CORRIENTE ARTÍSTICA" Florencia (Italia)
  • 2014 Seleccionado para formar parte de la Exposición Itinerante "Grecontemporáneo" AEPE
  • 2014 "Diploma de Honor" of the Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores AEPE
  • 2014 Seleccionado en "Contes de Pequeño Formato AEPE" Madrid 
  • 2015 Seleccionado para formar parte de la Exposición Itinerante "CERVARTES" AEPE. 
  • 2016 Selected in "II Expo Nal Antológica de la Guitarra". CASASIMARRO (Cuenca)
  • 2016 Trophy "ARTE IMPERO" Palermo (Italy)
  • 2016 Selected to form part of the "Concurso de Pequeño Formato AEPE" Madrid.
  •  2017 Selected to form part of the "I SALON DE DIBUJO" AEPE. Madrid
  •  2017 Selected to form part of the  "II Salón de Arte Realista". AEPE. La Vaguada. MADRID.
  •  2017  Selected to form part of the "II Salón de Dibujo" AEPE. C.C. Nicolás Salmerón. MADRID.
  •  2018  Selected to form part of the "La MUJER en el REALISMO del SIGLO XXI". AVATARTE. C.C. Carril del Conde. MADRID.
  •  2018 Selected to form part of the "XXXVII C. de PÑO FORMATO". AEPE. Moncloa. MADRID.
  •  2018  Selected to form part of the "II SALON DE OTOÑO" AVATARTE. Carril del Conde. MADRID 
  •  2018 Selected to form part of the "III SALON DE ARTE REALISTA" Tetuán. MADRID. AEPE.
  •  2018 Selected to form part of the "SOLO ARTE" Arganzuela. MADRID. AEPE
  • 2019 Selected to form part of the "NOCTURNO" Homenaje a Azarquiel. Centro Cultural San Clemente. TOLEDO.
  • 2019 Selected to form part of the "ATENEO DE TARRAGONA. Expo colectiva" MUNDOARTI.
  • 2019 Selected to form part of the "XIII Salón de Primavera." VALDEPEÑAS
  • 2019 Selected to form part of the TYCE. Guadalajara.
  • 2019 Selected to form part of the SOLO ARTE. Sala Primavera. Centro Cultural Matadero. Madrid. AEPE
  • 2019 Selected to form part of the "LEONARDO VIVE" Madrid. Centro Cultural Sanchinarro. AEPE.
  • 2019 Selected to form part of the "IV Salón de Dibujo" AEPE. C.C. Nicolás Salmerón. MADRID
  • 2020 Selected to form part of the "110 AEPE" Casa del Reloj. MADRID
  • 2020 Selected to form part of the " PALETAS DE PINTOR" AEPE.  MADRID
  • 2020 Selected to form part of the " XIV Salón de Primavera." VALDEPEÑAS
  • 2020 Selected to form part of the ""REACTIVARTE" MADRID. Tetuán,
  • 2020 Selected to form part of the "XXXIX C. de PÑO FORMATO". AEPE. Moncloa. MADRID.
  • 2020 Selected to form part of the "PURO ARTE" AEPE. MADRID. Silo de Hortaleza.
  • 2020 Selected to form part of the "V SALON DE ARTE REALISTA" AEPE. Madrid. Sala Eduardo Úrculo. C. C. Tetuán. 
  • 2020 Selected to form part of the "V Salón de Dibujo" AEPE. C.C. Nicolás Salmerón. MADRID
  • 2020 Selected to form part of the "GALDÓS: Homenaje al pintor" AEPE. Madrid. Parque Huerta de la Salud. Silo de Hortaleza.
  • 2020 Selected to form part of the SOLO ARTE. Sala Primavera. Centro Cultural Arganzuela. Madrid. AEPE
  • 2020 Selected to form part of the "NAVIDAD" 2020- Virtual Museum. MUNDOARTI. 
  • 2021 Selected to form part of the "Pintura de Interiores: Naturalezas muertas y bodegones" C. Cult. Moncloa-Aravaca. Madrid. AEPE From 17 February to 5 March 2021
  • 2021 Selected to form part of the "GOYA" . AEPE. Centro Cultural Eduardo Urculo. Tetuán. MADRID. From 7 to 29 April 2021
  • 2021 Selected to form part of the "ALFONSO X, SABIO DE CORAZÓN" . AEPE. Centro Cultural S. Clemente. TOLEDO. October 2021
  • 2021 Selected to form part of the "XL C. PÑO FORMATO". AEPE. Moncloa. MADRID. October 2021 
  • 2022 Selected to form part of the "ANIMALES" MADRID. Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo. From 1 to 26 March 2022 
  • 2022  Selected to form part of the "POR TIERRAS DE CASTILLA-LA MANCHA" Sal´´on de Primavera. Museo Municipal de VALDEPEÑAS. (Ciudad Real) June 2022
  • 2023 Selected to form part of the "SOLO ARTE" MADRID. Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo. Aepe. January 2023
  • 2023  Selected to form part of the "FLORES" Junta Distrito Tetuán. Sala Pablo Serrano. Aepe. February 2023







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